Mila Product Maintanence and Care

Maintenance and care - GFRC

 All of our Gfrc products are finished and sealed with a world leading product from the United States. This is sealer is a high performance, two-component hybrid urethane/acrylic sealer formulated specifically for the decorative concrete industry. Our sealer highly durable, and cures hard within 24 hours of application and full cure in 7 days.  

For maintenance only warm soapy water is needed, do NOT use any chemicals, abrasives.

After receiving your product please ensure that for the first 7 days any water spills etc to be wiped clean immediately for longevity of the product. After the 7 day’s this can be reduced but it is always good practise to clean any spills etc asap.

UV Stable · Matte finish · Enhancing to concrete · High solids · Easy to repair and touch up


Natural Stone

Our natural stone products are finished and sealed with the highest grade sealer on the market today.

This impregnator for Natural and Artificial Stone optimally protects absorbent, stain-sensitive natural and engineered stone surfaces against staining. Largely prevents penetration of oil, grease and water and makes further maintenance easier.


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